BY THE BOOK: Jane Ngunjiri

Every parents can appreciate some help. In times past it was often the mother and the grandmother who gave sound advice to the fledging mother (and father). Or else an elder sister knew a few things through experience. These days things have changed to some degree. Parents can look to specialists, trained psychologists and educators … Continue reading BY THE BOOK: Jane Ngunjiri


The man Breyten Breytenbach is an accomplished writer, poet, painter was born in 1936 in South Africa. During the heady days of apartheid he left the country of his birth and went into exile for a long, long time. He settled in France. He married a French woman of Vietnamese descent, and that marital crossing … Continue reading review DOG HEART. A TRAVEL MEMOIR


Several books on my shelves tell the stories of women from northern Africa and the Horn of Africa. Stories of women raised in countries in which the islam reigns supreme. Stories of oppre4ssion in in a religious way but also in a cultural way. At times these two influences are hard to distinguish. Is the … Continue reading review LE VOILE DE LA PEUR


How many people have travelled from Cape to Cairo over the years? Some have become famous, some have stayed in the background. Some have travelled on foot, some used a pushbike, others used a car. Ton van der Lee has joined the long list of travellers. For the writer of this book Africa was not … Continue reading review DE AFRIKAANSE WEG


As far as I could trace this is the debut novel by Lesley Lokko (Dundee, Scotland, 1964), a trained architect, who spend part of her childhood in Ghana, when she was 17 years young she went to a boarding school in the United Kingdom. After a lond career of studies and teaching positions at many … Continue reading review SUNDOWNERS