the death of a strong man

The death of the man hit the headlines. He was the strong man. He was the money launderer. He was the man with the fist. He was the man who siphoned money to far away places. He was the man with an uniform. The young Nigerian writer Chibundu Onuzo writes about this news concerning the … Continue reading the death of a strong man


These days it carries the name ‘ coffeetablebook’. Beautiful old pictures and old stories, just to scan them, to read bits and pieces or to read it in one go, form the beginning till the very end. This book takes you back to Johannesburg in the beginning of the 20th century. A town of pioneers, … Continue reading review MEET ME AT THE CARLTON

review WHITES

The American writer Norman Rush (1933) worked during the years 1978-1983 in Botswana as a Peace Corps volunteer. His stay in this southern African country in Botswana is the foundation for six stories in this collection. Each story centers around white people who work in this country and who try in one way or the … Continue reading review WHITES


The first time I saw Yasmine was in a garden at a house in Tanzania. The house was owned by a Dutch tv-icon. At his house he received Dutch writers. One of those writers was Yasmine (1967) from Somalia, who left her country after her father had been killed. Idil is the protagonist of this … Continue reading review IDIL, EEN MEISJE


This book (the  bulldozer of a revival) is a straightforward book. Right in your face. In it you will find the highlights and the deceptions and the difficulties of a journey that the writer Bram Krol made in January to March 2002 to Zaïre, or is it Congo still or again? The bulldozer is a … Continue reading review DE BULLDOZER VAN EEN OPWEKKING