This book (the  bulldozer of a revival) is a straightforward book. Right in your face. In it you will find the highlights and the deceptions and the difficulties of a journey that the writer Bram Krol made in January to March 2002 to Zaïre, or is it Congo still or again?

The bulldozer is a nickname, a stern nickname, coined by Bram. The nickname is attached to the local pastor Mutombo, who plays an important role in this book. He is a pastor who takes his job in a very serious way. His job is to preach the gospel and the organization of his church.

Bram Krol has turned his daily notes into a book in which we follow him from day to day on his way through Kinshasa and areas in the far east. The long time of waiting, the journey from one desk to another desk to get stamps on a paper, the demand for bribes, th attempts to board a plane. One group welcomes him. Another group keeps him at a distance. Who is this white man? What is he doing here? The churchservices that go on for hours. At the very last moment the leaders asks him to preach, out of the blue. The pastors who try to combine church and business. The want to use Bram Krol to maked contant with Dutch businessmen. And through all of this the gospel is preached to many people, ordinary believers, pastors, preachers, evangelists. They all have been challenged to live the gospel.

Bram Krol – De bulldozer van een opwekking. Met Gemeentegroei naar Kin en de Kasai – Driebergen 2002 – 174 pagina’s

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