What about the presidential election of 2006 in Congo? There were two candidates: one was the junior version of Kabila, and the other was Bemba.

International election watchers had a close look during the elections. One of them was the Dutchman Jan Claveaux, who had worked as a missionary in Congo in the years 1960-175. The writer of this booklet Jeroen Stam travelled with  Claveaux. Jeroen meets a world that is new to him, a world of optimism and corruption, a lack of proper facilities. He meets former pupils from the school that Claveaux had built and where he taught. He meets aother election watchers, he tries to recover his passport from the authorities without paying too much money. It is a nice personal account. And … Kabila won the elections. 

Jeroen Stam – Muoyo wenu. Weerzien in Congo – Den Haag 2007 – 136 pages

muoyo wenu

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