The number of hbooks about and from Congo / Zaire almost equals the seize of the country. This not a new book, but one dating from 1978. Written by a Belgium lawyer named Jules Chomé.

For many years Chomé has been closely involved with th developments in Congo/Zaire. He was the one who defended in court the politician Lumumba in 1955/6 when he was a suspect of stealing money from the Postoffice where Lumumba worked at the time.

In this book (translated into Dutch by the former colonial civil servant and writer Jef Geeraerts) Chomé writes about the rise of Mobutu after the declaration of independence in 1960. We learn about the relationships that existed between Monutu and the military and the politicians, especially the focus is on Moise Tshombe and the longing for indepence of the province of Katanga (with the help of Belgium and many Belgians who lived in the province).

There is a trail of death and despair and ruin in the years following 1960. According to Chomé Mobutu was involved in the murder of Lumumba in 1961. Later on Mobutu declared Lumumba a national hero, but the statement of Chomé puts this declaration in a new light.

Jules Chomé – L’ascension de Mobutu – Paris 1978 

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