opening up worlds

Here it is. An interview with one of the leading publishers in Zimbabwe. Her name is Irene Staunton. She is one of the founding parents of the publishing house Weaver Press. In this interview she talks about her return to Zimbabwe after it gained independence and opening new world through and new ideas. 


A mindblowing book. Let me state this right from the start. The journalist Kees Broere works as an Africa correspondent from Nairobi for the Dutch daily newspaper De Volkskrant. He teams up with the photographer Sven and they look for young West African men who try to find their way to the golden future in … Continue reading review VAN ACCRA NAAR AMSTERDAM

review EK SIEN JOU!

South Africa has become a popular holiday destination. Many people want to travel to the southernmost country in Africa. To a number of Dutch people South Africa is not just a holiday destination, they have decided to move south and buy a second house, set up a business, take a longer time to stay there, … Continue reading review EK SIEN JOU!