review EK SIEN JOU!

South Africa has become a popular holiday destination. Many people want to travel to the southernmost country in Africa. To a number of Dutch people South Africa is not just a holiday destination, they have decided to move south and buy a second house, set up a business, take a longer time to stay there, to do a job for several years.

The Dutch journalist Esther Bootsma talked with Dutch people who are working and/or living in South Africa. Ruud Krol has been a famous soccerplayer with the Dutch team Ajax and the Dutch national team. Now is he is a coach in South Africa. The Dutch singer and tv show host Gordon, a former ANC volunteer, a wine grower, someone working in the tourist sector, a man frrom the Dutch town Breda who now lives in Soweto. A missionary, working in the neighbourhood of Pretoria.

Most of the people who have been intervoiewed live near the main towns Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. This book gives an insight into another culture, that still has familiar aspects for Dutch people.

Esther Bootsma – Ek sien jou! Nederlanders over wonen in Zuid-Afrika – Schoorl 2010 – 199 pages

ek sien jou foto

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