modest prize for prestigious writing award

She is not a fiction. I do not know about her scientific performance. But she sure does write science fiction. She received an award for science fiction writing. The prize was started by an English writer, Arthur C. Clarke. Her name is Lauren Beukes and she hails from South Africa, admittedly a breeding ground for … Continue reading modest prize for prestigious writing award

the author of black mamba boy

I did not know about WardheerNews. But I did a little (very little) research to find out what this news is. Is it a village? Is it a town? and in What country? Could I find Wardheer on a map? No, it is the name of an online Somali Magazine, started in 2004. The meaning … Continue reading the author of black mamba boy

review URU

In the year 1960 Congo became an independent country. Later on the name was changed to Zaïre, and even later changed back (or forward) to Congo and so on. In this novel the political and colonial situation of the last years before independence are interwoven with the personal story of a Dutch couple. The man … Continue reading review URU