review HULP

There is so much enthousiasm and hope in this book written by these two authors. 

Development Aid is under pressure and increasingly so. People doubt the usefulness of the money and resources  spent. What about the influence of corruption? What about the white elephants? Isn’t it better to have Mutual trade instead of a one way street filled with money? Both writers are closely involved with a NGO project in Malawi. They want to let everydody know that aid does help people. They challenge the arguments of the opponents of development aid. It is refreshing to hear their stories and read their arguments. Still I have the impression: but what about the corruption, what about the white elephants, what about the deep pockets of government officials? So much money went as a medicine to African countries. What are the results? In this book you will find hard information of the amount of money spent, how much went to what country, and into what sectors of society (education, health care, repayment of debts!). Do not fear heavy laden theoretical arguments. It is a well written and easy to read book.

Ralf Bodelier en Mirjam Vossen – Hulp. Waarom ontwikkelingshulp moet, groeit en verandert – Wormer 2007 – 278 pages


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