in conversation

Two young female writers met for a conversation. Maaza Mengistu is from Ethiopia and she write her debut novel “Beneath the Lion’s Gaze” on the 1970 revolution in her Ethiopia.  Nadifa Mohamed could have been her neighbour from Somalia. She as well wrote her debut novel, but she travels in time a bit further to … Continue reading in conversation

review KUMI

‘Kumi’ means ‘ten’ in KiSwahili. there are six stories in this little book. Kumi is also the name of a small shoeshine boy in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. At home there is not sufficient money to go to school. One day he polishes the shoes of a whoite lady, and the next day again. This … Continue reading review KUMI


Some of these book …. And this is one of them! A book like this one you have to read in one go to be able to discern and follow the different threads. Too often I have put this book aside in order to keep track of all its movement and changes. To see what … Continue reading review BAROCCO TROPICAL


This is the beautiful story about the father of Nadifa Mohammed. She paints the early childhood of her father in Aden, where he lived with his mother. When has mother passed away he sets of in search of his father who went to the continent of Africa to find a job. He travels in his … Continue reading review BLACK MAMBA BOY

review MANDELA

A large  size book, maybe to reflect the size of the person described. I bought this book in a windy village at the coast, when sought shelter from the biting wind. This way we ended up in a bookshop. What better place to find shelter?! According to the subtitle this an authorised portrait. We follow … Continue reading review MANDELA