review WEMBLEY

Wembley is the name of the beautiful and historic soccer stadium the the British capital. Wembley is also the name of a young soccer player from an unnamed country in West Africa. He managed to travel to The Netherlands and hopes to make a name for himself in the soccerworld and especially he hopes to … Continue reading review WEMBLEY

the white-saviour industrial complex

Just imagine: A young girl from a middle-class background in a western country is collecting money for a good purpose. She uses her facebook contacts, she tweets about it. She wants to spend her holidays in an African country to help orphans. At the end of her period she recounts that she wanted to make … Continue reading the white-saviour industrial complex

not a click away

The Ethiopian-born writer Dinaw Mengestu flew, in the company of others, 6 years ago to Eastern Congo for a meeting with Joseph Kony and other leaders of the Lord’s Resistance Army. What is his impression of this meeting? And what is his impression of the recent attempts by goodwilling people with the project “Kony2012”. An … Continue reading not a click away

pen ethiopia opens

Voices need to be heard. In some societies the voice of a writer is not appreciated by the government. The organization PEN wants to support the freedom of writers and journalists to speak out and to write down and publish.  Last month it has opened a new centre in the Ethiopian capital city. Ato Solomon Hailemariam … Continue reading pen ethiopia opens