In Charity Shops I often have a look at the section with books. Often I manage to find something that fits snugly in my collection. Not just in the section of secondhand novels but also in the section ‘travels’ or ‘history’. At times I do find an old books about South Africa, dating back to the era of the apartheid regime. When the book or booklet is about the fight against apartheid the tone is very belligerent. When a traveller from, the western world (or the northern world) travels to South Africa he can see a different world through his own glasses and he (or she) tries to show the benefits of the apartheid way of life. This little booklet was published in Belgium gives an historical account of the struggle against the aprtheid regime. It start all the way back in the 17th century. A few pictures (black and white) are dotted throughout the booklet. 

Kritakpocket 7 – Zuid-Afrika. Geschiedenis van het verzet – Leuven 1979 – 82 pages

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I enjoy reading about Africa. New books. Old books. By African writers. By non-African writers. Novel. History. Travel. Biographies. Autobiographies. Politics. Colonialism. Poetry.

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