Lex Harding, the writer of this travelogue, is a wellknown dj and radiopresenter and bussinesman in The Netherlands. During the roaring sixties his pseudonym was known all over the place, especially by young people. These days this man is no longer in the spotlight, he lives quietely on his estate in the center of The Netherlands. 

With his two sons, Rein and Nick, from Alexandria (that ancient city in Egypt) to South Africa. This is not a novelty, for many people have started on this endeavour, by all means, from footing, by bicycle, by car, maybe even with a donkey.

Harding has written a good book abgout this father-sons journey and adventure. They encounter the usual difficulties on a journey of this epic size. Clashes with civil servants, bad roads, suprising meetings, the longing for a hot shower. It is an enjoyable book.

Lex Harding – De reis van mijn leven – Meppel 2011 – 303 pages (on top of that many pages with colour pictures)

de reis van mijn leven

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