je suis allé a jérusalem

The Algerian writer Boualem Sansal has committed high treason. What did he do? He travelled to Jerusalem! So now he is criticised by the Arab world and the muslimworld at large. How is it possible to travel to Israel and Jerusalem?! Boualem Sansal does not offer apologies. He has gone and he has come back … Continue reading je suis allé a jérusalem

the first time i saw god

Many years ago I read a few books by Robert Ruark. In one of these books the longing for independence by the Kenyan people featured prominently. When I remember correctly the sympathies expressed in the book were on the side of the white tribe that tried to cling to power. I know that an opinion … Continue reading the first time i saw god

karina magdalena talks about the books

Some books do travel. Some in holiday suitcases. Some in awesome rugsacks. Some in deep pockets. Some in speeding trains. Others in overloaded buses. Others in heavyweight planes. Others travel wherever you go because you carry them in your heart and mind.  Karina Magdalena Szczurek tells about about the books she has carried along, one … Continue reading karina magdalena talks about the books