le prix du roman arabe

Boualem Sansal is in the eye of a storm. Most of the time that is the place with the least wind. What is the storm? Boualem Sansal was awarded a literary prize “Prix du roman arabe”.  But before he got the opportunity to receive the award the sponsors of the Prix (the meeting of Arab … Continue reading le prix du roman arabe


On behalf of a Dutch Broadcasting Corporation the two writers of this book stayed a few months in Ghana. Once a week they made a radio broadcast on the situation in Ghana. The small book is a collection of stories they wrote during their stay. Ofcourse you wil find a visit (inescapable) to the former … Continue reading review STANDPLAATS GHANA

is science fiction coming to africa?

There is a surge of a different kind of writing coming from the African continent. From east and west and south. Several writers try their hand at writing science fiction. Sometimes set in an African setting, sometimes set in a western setting.   The names of some of these writers are Lauren Beukes, Wanuri Kahiu, … Continue reading is science fiction coming to africa?

crime and prejudice

Crime is attractive, not just for criminals but also for readers about crime (fiction and non-fiction).   It is also attractive for writers. Here you find an interview with the Liberian writer Hawa Jande Golakai (1979). She has worked in South Africa and her first crimebook is set in South Africa.  And she admits she loves … Continue reading crime and prejudice