Before this Dutch writer wrote this book set in Ethiopia she had already written three books. One of the other books was titled “Winter in Ethiopië”. I do not know what the relationship of this writer is with Ethiopia, but also this book is set in this country. Lalibela is the famous spot in Ethiopia … Continue reading review EEN RICHEL BIJ LALIBELA

a rustle in history

The voice of the Algerian writer Boualem Sansal is a lonely and courageous voice. He is not afraid of swimming against the tide. He protest against dictators, at home and abroad. He looks for peace, where people call for war.  He receives criticism for not avoiding Israel and places where Israel is present. The criticism … Continue reading a rustle in history


This book is a very personal journey by Alex Smith. He grew up in Rhodesia, torn apart by aprtheid, studied in South Africa, got involved in drug-trafficking, went back to his home-country, became a christian and decided to spent time and energy to devote himself to a better understanding between the different groups in his … Continue reading review NOW I CALL HIM BROTHER

review THE FEAR

Peter Godwin spent his childhood in Rhodesia, the present-day Zimbabwe.  Those were the days of the white minority regime led by Ian Smith. He took his university studies in Oxford and Cambridge. But he never lost the love for his native country. President Robert Mugabe has a love/hate relationship with everything Britisch. He does not … Continue reading review THE FEAR