The Dutch writer loved on a farm near the border with Belgium. He has planned to reside at this farm for the remaining part of his life, but suddenly he makes a drastic change. He starts a long journey through several countries in Africa (1975 – 1976). He travels through France and Spain that takes him to Dakar (Senegal). There he starts a journey through the western part of Africa, by means of all kinds of transport. From Accra he boards a plane to Nairobi (Kenya), that strikes him as a part of Europe.

It happens in other books as well. Writers who write about Africa but the landscape, the towns, the people do not live up to the expectations and the writers starts comparing to soimething familiar in Europe or North America. But the highrise buildings in Nairobi are just as much part of Africa as the wide open plains and the game parks. And bussiness men in a threepiece suit are just part of Nairobi.

Next stop is Tanzania where he visits a vast gamepark. Back to Kenya and he travels by bus through parts of the country. He visits Eldoret and Kitale and he continues up till Egypt. By way of Greece, Italy and France back home. 

Kees Wielemaker – Afrika dagboek (serie: Op Schrijvers Voeten) – Utrecht 1987 – 128 pagina’s

afrika dagboek wielemaker

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