This is the debut novel by the Dutch novelist, who got fame for his other book ‘De oesters van Nam Kee’. This later book was nominated for several literary prizes. In this novel the writer takes us with his protagonist, a psychiatric patient in later life, on his journeys. The travels of the main character … Continue reading review HIER ZIJN LEEUWEN


He got famous when he was portrayed in the movie “Out of Africa”, his character was played by Robert Redford. The book ‘Out of Africa’ was written by Isak Dinesen (also known as Karen Blixen). She romanticed her stay on a coffeefarm near Nairobi. Karen Blixen was married, but her marriage with the Swedish baron … Continue reading review TOO CLOSE TO THE SUN

nuruddin farah: a life in writing

Ask an ordinary passerby what springs to his or her mind when you mention the word “Somalia”. Will it be thoughts about pirates? Images of internal fighting? Flashes of a strong literary tradition? Nurrudin Farah is one of the foremost writers from Somalia. He has many books. Tucked away at a Norwegian fjord (worlds apart … Continue reading nuruddin farah: a life in writing


What a well written book! What a sad, sad book! Yvette relates in this book the life of Sila, a female slave in the southern parts of Africa. She uses legal documents from a courtvase in 1823. At this time slavery was very much part of daily life. The Boer lived in their own world … Continue reading review UNCONFESSED


While reading this book I thought about the English writer Evelyn Waugh, with his stories about the African continent. Richard Osinga, the writer of this book, spent some years in the diplomatic service and worked in Algiers and Dakar. In this debut novel Osinga writes about the life of Bor, a young diplomat, in an … Continue reading review BOR IN AFRIKA


What a wonderful book about a wonderful woman! In this heavy volume Margareth McCord writes the life story of Katie Makanya from South Africa. Katie was born in 1873 on the Cape. In the end she finds her destination as a worker for the American medical missionary dr. McCord. She works as an interpreter and … Continue reading review THE CALLING OF KATIE MAKANYA