review IN AFRIKA

The Dutch writer Clara Eggink (1906-1991) made a journey through Africa, during this journey she visited several countries. The cover story states that she atayed for two years on this continent. She had planned to travel with her husband, but what she tells in the book does not make clear that her husband indeed travelled with her, but there is no room for him in this book.

In 1947 she departs for Egypt.She describes her everyday life and the people she meets, but she also writes a story and it is not clear it was a real life story or a made up story. This experience I had several times while reading this book. Dit it happen or is it a poetical space for Clara. 

She travels on to Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Rhodesia. Often she delves into the relations that several ethnic groups in one country have. She pasys special attention to the correspondence between Elspeth Huxley (pro-colonialism) and Margery Perham (anti-colonialism). 

Clara Eggink – In Afrika – 1979 – 133 pages

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