This is an intuiging book by Henning Mankell, who is not only involved in solving crimes, but also in the African country of Mozambique. He writes childre’s books and plays. In this book he approaches life from a different angle again. Father Raul has landed in Mozambique to tell the people about the man who … Continue reading review BERÄTTELSE PA TIDENS STRAND


This is the third book by Alexandra Fuller that I have read. In this books she describes the the river of life of both her parents, especially her mother’s life. Alexandra’s journey takes us to Sotland, to the Isle of Skye, where the ancestors of Alexandra’s mother, Nicola, come from. The journey proceeds to Kenya … Continue reading review UNDER THE TREE OF FORGETFULNESS

bribery and the ethics of publishing

When a dicussion takes place about publishing books, often the discussion focusses on the relationship between writer and reader.  A topic that is hardly mentioned is the one of bribery. Probably a matter that is more relevant when a publisher wants to publish educational books. Does the publisher have to grease an elbow? Give some … Continue reading bribery and the ethics of publishing

review BAMBUSA

In the past few months the Dutch writer of this collection of stories made headlines with an other book. Not a collection of stories or a novel, but a book on hamburgers (yes, you can eat it) and Paradise. In her working life she works she lectures at a university, she has aposition at an … Continue reading review BAMBUSA

nadine gordimer rechnet mit

The South African writer Nadine Gordimer has a strong history of taking a stand in the political field of South Africa. She has written many books with a strong opinion. Her voice has reached not only South African readers, but she has a worldwide audience.  This article is from a German magazine. 

the evolution of african pulp fiction

Normally I pay attention to proper fiction, high class literature. But what is that exactly? It is a bit difficult to define. Today we look at pulp fiction.  Storytelling for everyones taste, with pictures, without pictures, with drawings, without drawings. Low cost, wide readership. Could it be that this kind of fiction will bring readers … Continue reading the evolution of african pulp fiction