Annette studied theatersciences in East Berlin, in the days that Germany and Berlin were divided were divided by a wall and opposing armies. She met a young student from Benin, who had received a scholarschip to study in East Germany. They fall in love, marry and get children. They run a taxi-company in Berlin.

To husband Maurice the ties with benin become stronger and stronger. They travel to Benin, first without their children, on another trip they take their children with them. During these trips Annette finds out that Maurice is in the line of succession of one of the local kingdoms. He has as well an important position in the traditional voodoo-religion. His royal position is intertwined with his voodoo-position.

On their journeys in benin strange things happen. Annette tries to keep at a distance, but at the same time she is being dragged into this confusing world. A member of the family is a highpriestess in voodoo, but Annette only finds out in a late stage. They become representatives of the local kingdom in Germany and they organize trips for tourists from Germany to Benin.

There position in Benin become more important. At the end it becomes clear that the marriage of Annette and maurice does not hold. They get estranged more and more. Annette flies back to Berlin, where in the end she finds a job as spiritual councellor. 

Annette Bokpê – Der Kuss des Voodoos – München 2002


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