literary sudans: editor’s preface

The literature of Sudan and South Sudan is being traced back to the oral literature that has been handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. The stories were about heroes and battles. One writer traces the change from oral to written literature back to the seventeenth century.   So, if you want … Continue reading literary sudans: editor’s preface

what space for african eyes ?

The early travellers to African coasts wrote books about their journeys and people who read these books were baffled about the journeys into unknown worlds (at least for the readers of that time). Up till this day white faces turn up at the coasts, at the ports, at the airports. They cross borders, take notes, … Continue reading what space for african eyes ?

mark linz: one man we can thank

Knowledge of African literature and books with an African flavour is often hampered by the diversity of languages that we find on the continent. Even when you look at the main languages that are used in publishing, not many will be conversant will all these major languages.  One man did a lot to bring Arabic … Continue reading mark linz: one man we can thank

french bring new book festival

There will be a large gathering of literary and filmish people in Brazzaville, Congo. The gatherings are organized by the French Etonnants Voyageurs, with the support of several other French organizations. French is not the only language present at the festival, the organizers wanted to have a wide lingual impact.  Read more about this festival.