review ODIKA

Really, this is a classic oldfashioned missionary story for children. Two boys from Africa (where in Africa?) experience a conflict with the local healer and protector of the traditions of the tribe. One of the boys has taken shelter in a sacred hut that is being used by the healer. The area where the boys … Continue reading review ODIKA

mzungu prizes

A literary prize can put a writer in the spotlight. His or her book, short story, poems gets the some neeeded and longed for attention and publicity. And let us not forget the prizemoney. One of the important prizes for African literature (do hnot ask me for a definition on that one) is the Caine … Continue reading mzungu prizes


Kruger Park is a very large wildlifepark in South Africa. The husband of Kobie Krüger gets a job as a ranger in this vast park. When he moves he is joined by his wife and children. They live in a remote corner of the park. They have to build a sturdy fence to keep the … Continue reading review THE WILDERNESS FAMILY

where writers write

When I plan to write a haiku I take a piece of paper and a pencil. I sit down at our diningtable in our frontroom. There is normally plenty of daylight, when neeeded I switch on the articifial lights near the table.  At times a haiku is written, while in a car, walking in a … Continue reading where writers write


This is the third volume of the trilogy in which Corinne Hofmann describes her life that is so intertwined with Kenya. Fourteen years after she fled Kenya she is in a plane on her way to Kenya. This is her first journey to this country, after the turbulent times in her marriage with the Samburu-warrior … Continue reading review WIEDERSEHEN IN BARSALOI