This is the second volume in the trilogy written by Hofmann about her relationship with Kenya and Kenyans. The booktitle bravely mentions ‘Afrika’, but she returned from Kenya.

In the first volume she relates her holiday at the Kenyan coast with her boyfriend from Switzerland. During her holidays she meets a warrior from the Samburu. He is far away from her home territory, he moved to the coast to make some money in the world of western tourists.

Corinne falls in love with this warrior, Lketinga, travels back to Switzerland, returns to Kenya and marries Lketinga. They get a daughter, Napirai.

At the beginning of volume two Corinne is at the airport of nairobi, with her daughter. She wants to flee Kenya and her husband. She has come to the conclusion that it is impossible for her to get a meaningful relationship in this very different culture. She moves to Switzerland, first to her mother and stepfather,m later on she lives on her own with her daughter to rebuild her life. .

She stays in contact with her husband, she even manages to get a divorce, but even after the dicorce she stays in contact through her brother-in-law, who has gone to secondary school. She has contact with an Italian priest and via him she sends money on a regular basis to her former in-laws.

One day she takes the decision to write the story of her life. It turns out to be a succesfull book “The White Masai”, presumably Masai sounds more attractive than Samburu. Both ethnic groups are related, but live in different parts of the country). She relates the great success of her book.

At the end of the book she travels to Africa, not to Kenya, but to Tanzania, here she climbs Mount Kilimanjaro.

Corinne Hofmann – Zurück aus Afrika – München 2003



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