This is the third volume of the trilogy in which Corinne Hofmann describes her life that is so intertwined with Kenya.

Fourteen years after she fled Kenya she is in a plane on her way to Kenya. This is her first journey to this country, after the turbulent times in her marriage with the Samburu-warrior Lketinga. She travels together with her German publisher and a cameraman who will capture the journey on film.

Before embarking on this very special journey she wants to have certainty that her divorce (settled in Switzerland) is valid in Kenya. A Kenyan lawyer tells her it is valid in Kenya as well. However she does not take the risk of bringing along her daughter Napirai, for she is underage. According to Kenyan law the daughter belongs to the father. According to Samburu-law Napirai belongs to the mother-in-law of Corinne. And next to that Napirai is at an age very suitable for marriage. That is why Napirai stays at home in Switzerland. 

Through correspondence she has prepared her journey ans she knows she will be welcomed by her former in-laws. When they meet it is very emotional. She meets Lketinga and his second wife, het brother-in-law and his wife and children and above of all het mother-in-law.  

She pays a visit to the crew and filmset of “The White Masai’, she sees own life passing by. At the end of the book Corinnen is at the Likoni-ferry at Mombasa. There she relives the memories of the first time she was on the ferry. And she does not have any regrets at all. 

Corinne Hofmann – Wiedersehen in Barsaloi – München 2005

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