south africa: clash of the booker titans

South Africa had its fair share of censorship during the apartheid years and the writer of this article delves into his memories. Not just for the sake of old days, but also to shed light on the present days. For censorship does not come and go just like that. It becomes rooted in a collective … Continue reading south africa: clash of the booker titans


Chris did scientific research on lions, as part of his university studies. The area where he did his research was the farm his father owned in South Africa. During the days of his research he discovered two white lioncubs. Very remarkable. He focusses more and more on these white lions, the exceptions, who are both … Continue reading review THE WHITE LIONS OF TIMBAVATI

pen 2013: the ‘african writer’

It is a matter of identity, personal identity, literary identity. What is an African writer? One spells it with a capital ‘A’. Another one spells it with a capital ‘W’.  In April/May this year PEN brought together some writers from Africa to talk about this issue of identity. So many voices with differing ideas. The … Continue reading pen 2013: the ‘african writer’


Burundi is situated in the instable region of the Great lakes in Africa. This country has suffered a lot during the violent decades that have passed by. Esther Kamatari writes her personal story about her connections with this country. She is a member of the royal family. Her father was a brother to the king. … Continue reading review PRINCESSE DES RUGO

the tuner of silences

Mia Couto is a wellknown writer form Mozambique. He is new to me, but I am still learning about the literature produced by writers from Africa. There are two strands in this novel. One is about a the boy Mwanito and his brother and father who withdraw into the bush, the other strand is about … Continue reading the tuner of silences