Stuart is in a garage in a small town in Algeria. Another chance for repairs for his beloved vehicle. Yes, one more. A friend asked him to pick up a Landrover in the Central African Republic (CAR). Why not? He is accompanied by a young woman, not his wife, for his wife stays in the … Continue reading review MALARIA DREAMS

ways of knowing

She travelled places in Europe, Africa, North America.  She studied languages from Africa, with Swahili (or KiSwahili ? ) on top of the list.  She started her writing in Sudan where she taught English language, it was her first draft of “A stranger in Olondria”. A few more drafts followed at different places. A publisher … Continue reading ways of knowing

nadifa mohamed in conversation

There is a Rift Valley in Africa. There is a Rift Valley Insitute in Africa. And this Institute (RVI) was present at a literary event orgrganised by Kwani Trust in Nairobi. On the agenda was a conversation (note: not an interview!) between the Somali born writer Nadifa Mohamed and Ella Allfrey, who has been in … Continue reading nadifa mohamed in conversation

the 10 best african writers

One needs some courage to compile a list with the ten best African writers. Let us forget for the moment the proper definition of an “African Writer”.  The compiler of this list (professor John Masterton) did one easy step: he excluded Chinua Achebe. Maybe because everyone would have listed this Nigerian writer.  


This is another great book bu the Flemish author Lieve Joris. She puts all her knowledge of and love for Congo/Zaïre in this beautiful bookabout a sa, very sad reality. It is the reality of the warzones in the eastern parts of Congo. Not only groups with Congolese roots are involved in the bloodshed and … Continue reading review HET UUR VAN DE REBELLEN