I remember I read a short note on her death on the website of a Kenyan newspaper. Joan Root was murdered in her house at the shores of lake Naivasha in Kenya. She had lived there for many years, first with her husband Alan Root, after their divorce she lived on her own. She was … Continue reading review WILDFLOWER

my fictional grandparents

I like to dig into my ancestry. Who were my ancestors? What did they do for a living? Where did they live?  Maybe I find some traits in my own life. But what if you descend from an orphan and no information is available? You can start dreaming. Making up grandfather and grandmother. They can … Continue reading my fictional grandparents


In the early part of the year 1998 the Dutch journalist Tony travelled through Uganga. He wanted to visit several parts of this landlocked country, travel with with local people and travel with people from the outside who have been living in the country already fror many years. He joins a Roman Catholic Father on … Continue reading review HET UUR VAN DE MUSKIETEN


When you hear about the Foreign Legion you can think of Laurel and Hardy in a desertlike environment, dressed in a hkaki-uniform and on top of it all a kepi. And life in the Legion is hilarious. Life in the Foreign Legion is not funny at all. You can learn this from the book by … Continue reading review TOMORROW TO BE BRAVE