thandie newton on half of a yellow sun

To me there is a tension between books and filmadaptions of a book. When I read a book I see things happening. I walk with a character. I see the landscapes. I hear voices coming from pages.  An adaption can shatter these experiences. The landscape is different, passage are excluded, other passages were never part … Continue reading thandie newton on half of a yellow sun


The country of Eritrea is a silent country. We hardly hear about the ongoings in this country. And when I hear stories it are not comforting stories. Stories of repression, of persecution, of dictatorship, about people who try to flee the rugged terrain, to escape from the strong hands of the law enforcers, or are … Continue reading dahab


In this book for youngsters we travel to Ethiopia. In this country we meet a groep of paleonthologists who are searching for fossiles. They pitch their camp near the river Awash. The story is told from the perspective of the student Tom form the United States of America and the Ethiopian boy Menelik. Befor the … Continue reading review ONTDEKKING AAN DE AWASH

review AMAN

What a smashing book! In this book Aman tells about her life. Aman is not her real name, it means ‘true’, truthfull’, so what she writes is true. This is the way her young life has been. She tells the story of her life to the writer Lee Barnes, who passed away just before the … Continue reading review AMAN