travelling and writing africa from within

When an African travelwriter writes about Africa he writes from within. This is the suggestion that I hear in the title of this blog. I did not invent the title myself. I took it from an article about African travelwriting.   It sounds very nice. Especially as compared to all the travellers and writers from … Continue reading travelling and writing africa from within


Choga Regina Egbeme has managed to write a second book about her life in the harem and later the community in Nigeria. A third book has been written and published but I have not read that one. In this second book Choga is part of an all female community in the highlands near Jos (Plateau … Continue reading review DIE VERBOTENE OASE

5 books you should have read

Daily Nation,  TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2013 |  BY- FAITH ONEYA The world’s literary scene in 2013 was literally bursting at the seams with the launch of one book after the other.  From memoirs, autobiographies, fiction, non-fiction, literary enthusiasts were spoilt for choice.  This article articulates the writer’s take on the must-reads for 2013. LEAN IN  BY SHERYL SANDBERG … Continue reading 5 books you should have read