Choga Regina Egbeme has managed to write a second book about her life in the harem and later the community in Nigeria. A third book has been written and published but I have not read that one.

In this second book Choga is part of an all female community in the highlands near Jos (Plateau State). The community tries to play a healing role in the community nearby. The peaceful aims of the community are being threatened by the rise of islamism, that is very present in Plateau State. Will the community be an open community or will it build a wall (in the most literal sense) around the compund to have a level security and safety?

The killer HIV/Aids has already entered the community and Choga looks for ways to eliminate this killer or at least ways to distract him.

Sister Margareth, by the first father of her mother, travelled to Nigeria in the days that mother Lisa was dying. She decides to be part of the community. She will teach the children.

At the end of the book there are notes on the main characters of the book, that is very helpful. Also this second book has been a good read.

Choga Regina Egbeme – Die Verbotene Oase. Mein neues Leben im Harem der Frauen  – München 2003


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