meja mwangi

DAILY NATION, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2013 Meja Mwangi, the reclusive writer with a mighty pen (Self-effacing to the extreme, he eschews publicity while also quietly carrying on with his writing and living up to his reputation as perhaps Kenya’s most prolific writer. ILLUSTRATION/JOHN NYAGAH) By Ciugu Mwagiru Standing several inches north of six feet, Meja Mwangi … Continue reading meja mwangi

women who inspired my writing

From left: Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye, Prof Micere Githae Mugo, Muthoni Likimani and Grace Ogot. Writer Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor Published on Friday, November 29 2013 by The Daily Nation, Kenya Few writers are motivated by only one muse, and I am no exception. I draw my inspiration from conversations in market places, hair salons, public transport … Continue reading women who inspired my writing

i owe it all to achebe

Daily Nation, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2013 Chimamanda: I owe it all to Achebe (Literary sensation Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was recently in Nairobi for the Kwani? at 10 celebrations, where she pulled enthusiastic crowds wherever she went. PHOTO/EMMA NZIOKA) By TOM ODHIAMBO What’s your feel of Kenya today? I don’t think it has changed. I like Kenya. I … Continue reading i owe it all to achebe