when chimamanda ngozi adichie met sweden

She is not afraid to speak her mind. When she is at home in Nigeria. When she is at her other home in the United States of America. Or when she travels to Sweden to be interviewed at the Film Festival in Götenborg. A Swedish Film Critic asked the questions and she got many answers … Continue reading when chimamanda ngozi adichie met sweden

the bundle on my back

When I think of the colonial powers, the names of United Kingdom and France spring to my kind. To a lesser extent Germany is on the list as well with Tangayika and Süd West Afrika and Togo. But I often do overlook Italy. Mussolini tried to invade Ethiopia, with little succes. But I often forget … Continue reading the bundle on my back


The journey from Cape Town to Cairo has intrigued many travellers. One did it on foot, another travels by public transport, some tried to plan a railroad between these towns. Duncan has decided to undertake the journey on his pushbike. During two stretches in two years he rides the epic journey. In 1986 and 1987 … Continue reading review FROM CAPE TO CAIRO

just a slip of the tongue

South Sudan gained its independence, but peace has not yet arrived in this new state. There is still a lot of strife, that is putting a strain on the country and peace for its citizens. David L. Lukudu comes from South Sudan. For many years he lived in other countries, he studied medicine, did training … Continue reading just a slip of the tongue

7 nigerian writers to watch out for in 2014

By Ego Aghedo on January 2, 2014, in GREEN BIRO, NIGERIA We have just seen the end of another great year and as we celebrate those who have made 2013 wonderful in the literary sense, I cannot help but make predictions about 2014. You see, these writers will rock 2014 and my predictions are made … Continue reading 7 nigerian writers to watch out for in 2014