on the challenges of publishing in zimbabwe

The name of Zimbabwe means to me ‘ruins’ and ‘politics’ and ‘Mugabe’. I am sorry to say I do not think in the first place about publishing and writers, eventhough I have paid attention to NoViolet Bulawayo. Now have a closer look at publishing in Zimbabwe. 

the end of a bookshop

Last Saturday I passed by a bookshop that is about to be closed due to financial problems. I noticed signs announcing ‘50% discount’. This temptation I could not resist. Men of a certain age were scrummaging through boxes and shelves. Their hands at the ready. Was this the book they had longed for during so … Continue reading the end of a bookshop

le régime algérien est un zombie

The title of this post is a firm statement, made by the Algerian writer Yasmina Khadra. According to him the Algerian regime is a zombie (originating from Benin, zombie that is, not the Algerian regime).  From the inside Yasmina has know the working of the government. For many years he worked as an officer in … Continue reading le régime algérien est un zombie

bookgift voucher

Last week a friend of mine gave me a bookvoucher. €25 was the value. I went to the two local bookshops to look for books with an African link. I found several books. From Deon Meyer to the latest travelogue by Paul Theroux. But I decided to settle for two other titles. The first one … Continue reading bookgift voucher

interview with writer tendai huchu

Lately the Zimbabwe–born writer NoViolet Bulawayo received a lot of attention. But she is not the only one from Zimbabwe that can hold a pen and write a proper story. One of the others is Tendai Huchu. Fungai Rufaro Machirori interviewed this writer when the Writing Workshop organised by the Cain Prize was held in … Continue reading interview with writer tendai huchu

digitaal afrikaans

Last week Friday a small meeting was held in the Dutch capital city Amsterdam. Two organizations involved with South Africa and literature in the Afrikaner language talked about the role of the internet and the spread and availability of the Afrikaner language books on the world wide web.  The first talks about this topic date … Continue reading digitaal afrikaans