Who is or was Humphrey Harman?

I have no idea. I have searched on the internet, but I did not find any information. What I do know is that he published a book of stories centered around lake Victoria, or lake Nyanza. He collected stories that were told by the people around the lake. When he published the book he lived in Maseno, Kenya.

The first story is about Elephant, Thunder and Dorobo. It is a story about the beginning. Thunder withdraws himself because of Dorobo. Elephant laughs at Dorobo, who in turns hunts for Elephant, up till this day.

In the second story he mentions meeting an old man at Lake Baringo (far away from Lake Nyanza) who tells about crocodiles that listen to him.

Some stories tell about the orgin of things or habits. Others show an old woman and her warnings. Another one warns against greediness.

Humphrey, whoever he is, made a nice collection of tales.

Humphrey Harman – Tales told near a crocodile, a collection of stories from Nyanza – London 1962 

tales told near a crocodile

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