far from my father

She travels to Ivory Coast. Back to her roots. Back to her father who has just passed away. She enters the zone between past en present, between traditional and modern, between individualistic and communal. The writer Véronique Tadjo works at present in South Africa, but she is from Ivory Coast. In the magazine WARSCAPES an … Continue reading far from my father


Nigel Barley, who was born in 1947, worked for many years at the British Museum in London (in the Department of Ethnography). He took his doctorate in social anthropology. So this man should know something about the subject of anthropology. So why does he consider himself an innocent anthropologist? After all he published his ‘Symbolic … Continue reading review THE INNOCENT ANTHROPOLOGIST

the expedition to the boabab tree

In the Afrikaans language many books are published. Some are being translated into other languages. Some stay in their orginal hide, vobered for others. Here you find part of the work of the South African writer Wilma Stockenström who writes in the Afrikaans language. She wrote about the expedition to the boabab tree, alreay in … Continue reading the expedition to the boabab tree

nature orders me to write

Why does a singer sing? Why does an artist paint? Why does a writer write? Is it for eternal glory? Is it fo fill a bankaccount? Is it an internal drive? The Kenyan writer Henry Ole Kelut writes about his own drive in writing. He wrote his first book in 1971 (I just discovered his … Continue reading nature orders me to write

day i invited achebe to taifa hall

Last year the Nigerian writer Chinue Achebe passed away. For some people this passing on, one year ago, is a good time to bring back memories of an encounter with the man himself. One of these people with memories is Henry Indangasi from Kenya. When he met Achebe he was the chairman of the Literature … Continue reading day i invited achebe to taifa hall

ngugi wa thiong’o to receive

The Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiong’o is a household name in Kenya. He has written many books and some of them have become classics. Not always to the liking of the political powers. Already for many years he lives outside of his own country. Sometimes his name is mentioned when the date of the Nobel … Continue reading ngugi wa thiong’o to receive