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Just a week ago I happened to pass by a secondhandbookshop in a southern part of Amsterdam. It is a shop at a corner and at both sides, on the outside, the shopowner had placed boxes with books. One book for one euro. So this was an opportunity for me. I still had some time to spare for my next meeting.  


The first book that took my fancy was by the Belgium author Jef Geeraerts. He has written many books, often with a link to Congo / Zaïre. He was a civil servant in this former Belgian colony. Some of his books I have on my shelves and at least one (  😦  ) I have read. This one is called ‘Diamant’ and is all about finding diamonds in Zaïre and the trade in diamonds. The thriller starts in 1982 in the province of West Kasasi.  The writer took a year for research in the world of diamonds in Antwerp and New York.  


The second book had a familiar ring to it. I knew I had a book by the South African Sol T. Plaatje. But there on the pavement I could not remember the title of the book. I did not know if he had written more than one book. But: one book one euro. So I decided to buy ‘Mhudi’ (in Dutch translation). When I came home I discovered Sol T. Plaatje, quietly sitting on a shelf. In English, published in ‘African Writers Series’, number 201. Enclosed in the Dutch translation is a very nice picture of the writer. This picture travelled to my English edition.

And the Dutch translation?  
Someone else will hopefully enjoy it.    

Sol T. Plaatje



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I enjoy reading about Africa. New books. Old books. By African writers. By non-African writers. Novel. History. Travel. Biographies. Autobiographies. Politics. Colonialism. Poetry.

6 thoughts on “just two books

  1. Thanks Semper that’s great ! No I think I have everything I need 🙂
    If you are interested in reading my master thesis, please let me know and I’ll send you a copy by email!
    Have a nice day!


    1. Bonjour Gabrielle,
      C’est bon!

      Please send me a copy of your Master Thesis.
      Who knows I can pay some attention to it on my wordpress blog.
      Bon voyage avec votre études.
      monsieur Semper


  2. Hi ! I am a French history student, and I’m actually writing my thesis on Sol Plaatje and his place in the collective memory. For this purpose I have analysed all editions of his books, including Mhudi of course. Well I have just found out that there was a Dutch edition of it, but I really can’t find any information on the internet… and my thesis is due in one week !
    Do you think that you could give me a few information on the Dutch edition? Such as publisher, date, frontcover, etc… That would be very very useful for my thesis and your name will be written in the Acknowledgements page 😉
    Please let me know!
    Congratulations for your blog 🙂
    Gabrielle (gabrielle@leflaive.net)


    1. Bonjour Gabrielle,
      You have chosen a very interesting topic for your thesis!

      I will give you some information:
      Sol T. Plaatje
      (subtitle) : Een historische romance. (a historical romance / un romance historique (?) ).
      Publisher: Uitgeverij Podium in Amsterdam
      Year of publication : 1998
      Translator : Barbara de Lange
      Postscript : Andries Walter Oliphant
      Cover design : Ron van Roon
      ISBN 90 5759 092 1

      Any other information you need?

      Yours for ever,


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