by night the mountain burns

Here is another story from Equatorial Guinea. The writer is Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel. A trained nurse, he turned to writing. In 2011 he moved into exile, to Barcelona, Spain. It is mentioned in the notes next to the story that in 2011 the president of Spain visited Equatorial Guinea, but in 2011 Spain did … Continue reading by night the mountain burns

government property

I read she is a committed feminist (to seperate her from the non-committed feminists?) and she is a journalist in Equatorial Guinea. She writes shorts stories and nonfiction. Here you find the story by Trifonia Melibea Obono Ntutumu about a taxi-ride.        

new writing from equatorial guinea

Talk about African writing and the first country that springs to mind is Equatorial Guinea. Right ? ! Well, not right. But there is some writing coming from this country. Here you can set your first steps into the literary scene of this small country and sense the difficulties for the writers that call this … Continue reading new writing from equatorial guinea