gustav + florence = a victorian novel

Let us go back to the year 1850. We travel to the land of Egypt. We travel on our won or in the company of others. During our time in the country we meet many people, Egyptians and people from Europe who are attracted by the history and the otherness of the country.  The famous … Continue reading gustav + florence = a victorian novel

afrikaans se grootste topverkoper

Many, many books are published everywhere on the continent. South Africa is one of the countries with a lively bookscene with publishing houses and writers and readers. Who is the bestselling author in this country? Or what is the bestsellingbook in the Afrikaner-language?  Maybe many names spring to your mind. Will it be one of … Continue reading afrikaans se grootste topverkoper

why we live in a literary desert

How often do you find a fellowtraveller reading a book, just for pleasure? Dou you switch of the tellty, to pick upyour book and read a few chapters? For some people reading is a way of breathing, they cannot imagine a life without reading. For others reading is equated with compulsory reading for exams. What … Continue reading why we live in a literary desert