abschied van südafrikas weisser

Her voice reached the Germans. She fought the racism in her own country, during and after the days of apartheid. The Germans had their fair share of racism in their days of upheaval and destruction. When she spoke to her own situation her voice carried her message across the globe. Nadine Gordimer: a voice to … Continue reading abschied van südafrikas weisser

nobel laureate nadine gordimer

This interview took place in 2012. One writer and another writer talk. The parts are divided clearly. The asker and the answerer.  Gordimer talks about her life and her fear and of never being afraid. About disappointments, about promises undelivered. The frail lady of the word. 

ugandan writer who turns …..

I have recently paid some attention to the Ugandan writer Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi. Well, there is still more to say about her. Last month she published her book KINTU. In it she writes about the Luganda people. The manuscript of this book had already won a prize in 2013, given by the 2013 Kwani? Manuscript Project. … Continue reading ugandan writer who turns …..

birthday sympathies for wole soyinka

Here is another article on the 80th birthday of Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka. This time written by the Nigerian Togun Ogunlesi. He focuses on the social involvement of Soyinka, but he does not leave out Chinua Achebe. Writers have voiced their opinion of the state of Nigeria and hopefully they will continue to do so.  … Continue reading birthday sympathies for wole soyinka