where are the women in african non-fiction?

The issue of the role of African women in African societies is drawing attention from different sides. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiuchie spoke about feminism. In the literary world of fiction it is clear that women from different African countries have taken up their frontline positions. But what happens with female writers who take up writing non-fiction? … Continue reading where are the women in african non-fiction?

soyinka: the man lived

The 80th birthday of the Nigerian author Wole Soyinka has made many people dip their pen in ink and write an article of appreciation, of analysis, of adoration, you name it. Soyombo Opeyami writes about the prisonmemoirs of Soyinka. He wrote about it in “The man Died”. Soyinka has never steered away from political involvement. … Continue reading soyinka: the man lived

five books that shaped me

She herself wrote two books, but writing books is not her main job. She is a trained medical doctor, she was trained in South Africa. Now she wotrks on her Ph. D. at Oxford University (United Kingdom). Her name is Kopano Mabaso-Matlwa and she was born in 1985. And she now reveals the books that have … Continue reading five books that shaped me

clearly, you do not have to leave kenya

This is still a bit on the theme of diaspora or not. Where do the up and coming writers from Africa do come from? Have they spent their life in an African country or have they become migrants in the expanding world? The writer of this article is adamant: you do not have to leave!  … Continue reading clearly, you do not have to leave kenya

let the hawk perch

He is from Sierra Leone. He was a boy-soldier. And he knows how to write a book. He wrote about his days as a boy-soldier in ‘A long way gone’. This book made a huge impact. And his next probably will have the same fate. About people who suffered in refugee-camps, who try to settle … Continue reading let the hawk perch