the boundary-pushing novelist

He made a name for himself with the publication of “Open City”, the wandering story about a psychiater who walks the streets of New York, Brussels and Lagos. He uses his pen, his camera, and he uses his tweets to make himself known and to keep in touch with the world around him and to … Continue reading the boundary-pushing novelist

ian khama stalker

Later this year, in the merry month of September, StoryMoja will organize a literary festival in Nairobi, Kenya. One of the poets who will be present at the festival is Berry Heart from the southern African country Botswana. But she will not be the only one. One of the stellar lights of the festival will … Continue reading ian khama stalker


Peter Fuchs is an ethnologist and Africanist from Austria.  In the years 1978 – 1994 he was professor of Ethnology at the university at Göttingen. He specialized in the Sahara-area and did fieldwork for many years. This present book is the result of one of his first periods of fieldwork. He travelled, accompanied with two … Continue reading review IM LAND DER VERSCHLEIERTEN MÄNNER