guerillas of tsavo

You might have read about the man-eating lions of Tsavo, Kenya. When the railroad from Mombasa to Kisumu was built, the line came through Tsavo, with a huge population of wild animals. Some of these animals were lions, man-eating lions. Several people who worked on the railroad were killed by these lions.

Today a hundred years ago the Austian-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia. This was the start of the First World War, or the Great War. You might think that the war was mainly an European war, at leat that the fighting took place over there.

But Africa was involved in this war as well. Kenya was a British colony and Tanganyika was a German colony. So fighting took place in these two (and other) countries as well.

James Willson did a thorough research on the Great War that was fought in East Africa. He wrote a book about it and called it “Guerillas of Tsavo”. Wolfgang Thome mentions this book in his article on the Great War in East Africa.


An addendum on the first World War and Kenya. 

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