what space is there for african travel writing ?

For many people in the Western countries (from an African peerspective they are mainly northers countries!) the continent of Africa is linked with travel. many people have travelled from north to south, from east to west.   The word ‘safari’ (=journey) has enetered the vocabulary of northern countries. Many people have written on their journeys … Continue reading what space is there for african travel writing ?

how i became an ‘african woman writer’

In the group of talented writers from Africa quite a number is female. I do not want to say a female writer is better then a male writer, or the other way around. Nor do I want to say that one deserves more praise then the other. I keep away from discussions on ‘feminism’ and … Continue reading how i became an ‘african woman writer’

nadifa mohamed on somali writers

In the magazine ASYMPTOTE the Somali-born writer Nadifa Mohamed gives an overview of Somalian writers. She goes back to the year 1928, but ofcourse oral ‘writing’ has been around much longer. The writer Yasmine Allas is not mentioned in this article, this could be due to the language that Yasmine uses, the Dutch language. I … Continue reading nadifa mohamed on somali writers