writers’ ink: nnedi okorafor

At the recently held World Cup Soccer at Brazil we could admire many soccerplayers and their skills. Some of skills that were visible were not soccerskills at all, but skills performed on soccerplayers by other artist. Tattoo-artists. And at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow you can see the same. A new kind of body-language. But … Continue reading writers’ ink: nnedi okorafor

algeria and the shirt of nessus

Another link to an article published in the magazine ASYMPTOTE. This time we stay north of the Sahara. Almost all what I have put on my weblog is from south of the desert. So let us turn north now.   This article is about the Algerian writer Yasmina Khadra, who reached fame in the 1980s. … Continue reading algeria and the shirt of nessus