7 black women science fiction writers

Everyone should know them, the article proudly proclaims. But I have only heard about one of them. I am not into science fiction. Maybe one day it will happen that I read in this genre, but there are still so many other books to be read. 😉  The one on the list that I have … Continue reading 7 black women science fiction writers

against literary passports

One of the questions the Kenyan author Ngugu wa Thiong’o has raised is about the tool of writing. I am not referring to a typewriter, or a pencil, or a biro. Biut I do refer to the language to be used. Should a writer from Lusophone Africa use Portuguese as the language of his writing? … Continue reading against literary passports

childhood in madagascar

This is my first post on Madagascar, that multi-cultural island just of the coast of Africa. People from Africa, Asia and Europe have to the island and mingled and stayed apart. They have created a special place.  One of the people who was born on the island is Christian Dumoux. He was born somewhere around … Continue reading childhood in madagascar