author profile: in koli jean bofane

The pen is mightier than the sword. Nut some have carried the sword and the pen and used both. Or to put it in modern terms: they have used both the gun and the pen. Of of these is the Congolese writer In Koli Jean Bofane form the Democratic Republic of Congo. Hij was born … Continue reading author profile: in koli jean bofane

just a bicycle-ride away

Today a week ago I hopped on my bicycle and headed south. That is the shortest route to the nearest secondhandshop. There is a fair section with secondhandbooks. Once a while I move south to discover “new” books. I had a good harvest of books discarded by others, my moment of recycling had arrived. I … Continue reading just a bicycle-ride away

interview with william boyd

This year we remember the start of the Great War (1914-1918). This war did not leave Africa untouched. Hundreds and thousands African soldiers fought in this war. They dug trenches in Africa, but they also marched in Europe. One of the books that came out of this war was “An Ice-Cream War” (1982), written by … Continue reading interview with william boyd