mail and guardian literary festival

Later on this month the Mail & Guardian will host its fifth literary festival in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Th efestival is dedicated to the South African author Nadine Gordimer, who passed away earlier tthis year.  There is a special guest at the festival. Her name is Okwiri Oduor and she is from Kenya. She won … Continue reading mail and guardian literary festival

fresh poetry book

I have read poetry by Wole Soyinka. I have read poems by Okot p’Bitek. A continent apart. Often poetry is handed  over in songs and oral literature. The rythms of the words, the togetherness of syllables. The longing of phrases. You can find it in poetry. A collection of poems, Akello, has just been published … Continue reading fresh poetry book

the reluctant translator

I do not have any books from Eritrea, at least that is what I remember. To have books from this country is in itself an achievement. But for Charles Cantalupo there is more to Eritrean literature. He has an extensive knowledge of the literature from this country in the north east of Africa. He did … Continue reading the reluctant translator