interview: garden of dreams

She lives in Noordhoek. A corner in South Africa. She came from the United States of America. She wrote a novel. The central geographical focus of the novel is not South Africa, but India. Over the centuries there has been a steady contact between India and the southern area of Africa. There has even been … Continue reading interview: garden of dreams

mongane wally serote warns

One of the issues that crops up regularly in discussing African literature is the use of language. The colonial languages are dominant, even when you can question the use of ‘colonial’ here, for we do not consider people from Canada and the United States of America using colonial languages.  But English and French and Portuguese … Continue reading mongane wally serote warns

charlie human interviews lauren beukes

Lauren Beukes is a female author born in South Africa and still living there. She spent some time abraod as a freelance journalist in New York and Chicago. Recently she published her novel “Broken Monsters”. Here you find part of an interview given by Lauren Beukes to  Charlie Human.

what to do with dangerous books ?

This morning I referred you to the literary desert (or the absence of this desert). It is a strong appeal to encourage all those involved to give a proper place to Kenyan writers and their books.  You can read books. But also other things can be done with books. You pile them and create a … Continue reading what to do with dangerous books ?

kenyan creative writers shunned

Recently I mentioned something about a literary desert in Kenya. Not my words, mind you! Here is a voice that disagrees, in a strong way. She writes about the writers that abound. But what about the publishing houses? But what about the government? May I add, what about the readers? Just read the places that … Continue reading kenyan creative writers shunned