The village of Soekmekaar in South Africa does not exist anymore. The village has had its name changed as a link in a chain of changes in South Africa after dismantling apartheid. The Dutch journalist Marnix de Bruyne visited the village of Soekmekaar for the first time in 1994, just before the national elections. His … Continue reading review HET LAND VAN SOEKMEKAAR

interview with marianne thamm

Marianne Thamm is a South African writer and a few other activities are done by her. The magazine AERODROME asked her a few questions and she politely replied with answers. I did not find the time of publication of these questions and answers, but that could be due to an early end of my search.

fiction and the city

One of the many writers in residence in the United States of America is the Nigeria-born Helon Habila. He is at the moment a professor in Creative Writing at the George Mason University. I at times wonder in how many countries you can study creative writing at an university level. Is it an Anglo-Saxon invention, … Continue reading fiction and the city